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We know business. We know that foreign country can be a difficult place to do business. But we also know the many great opportunities that it can offer to the well informed. To be well informed, you need to be well advised. Altelaw advises you and makes Ukraine and UAE easier for you by giving you the keys to understanding its commercial, legal and cultural environment. Discover the investment opportunities that Altelaw can help you seize.

From start to finish, our aim is to accompany your project until it brings you its expected rewards. Should your project run into troubled waters, our litigators can help you solve any disputes. Discover our services and examples of our recent experience.


For your project’s success, we have put in place a team of dynamic, responsive and efficient associates who are not only well-trained lawyers seasoned with the difficulties of economic environment but also result oriented individuals. Discover our team.

Our organization is simple, steers clear of nonsense and is as conservative with your money as it is with its own. The result of our simplicity is that our fees are lower than our competitors. Our fee structures can be creative and adapted to your project. Frequently, we are able to offer a success fee component. For a detailed analysis of your project, how we can help and our fees please contact our Partner, Elena Voronovych.