Doing business can be cumbersome: fast evolving and sometimes complex legislation, administrative procedures that can be difficult to grasp, linguistic and cultural barriers, particular commercial habits. Naturally, the opportunities available for those who can overcome them, are commensurate with these difficulties.

Our services are divided in specialist practice areas designed to overcome such hurdles with a view to ensuring the success of your business projects in Ukraine. Find out below how can we help you in our different areas of practice.




We advise on the implementation of your traditional and renewable energy related projects in Ukraine. We also have particular expertise in relation to Ukraine’s electricity market and will guide you through licensing procedures and advise you on the various formalities required for you to enter the market. We are one of the few law firms with experience on the implementation of renewable energy projects applying the “green tariff” for the produced electrical power.


Recent Experience:
Our recent experience includes:


  • Advising several Ukrainian and foreign companies in relation to their participations in various tender procedures for the construction of electricity lines in Ukraine;
  • Advising a British company in relation to its joint operation agreement with a Ukrainian entity concerning the exploration and exploitation of gas deposits in Ukraine;
  • Advising the lender in relation to a loan requested by a Ukrainian entity specializing in the retail of fuel;
  • Advising a Swiss company in relation to the implementation of its environmentally friendly project in Ukraine;
  • Advising an Italian company on the rules and procedures governing the application of the “Green Tariff” in Ukraine.

Real estate and agriculture

We help our clients identify real estate objects, and walk them through the administrative procedures governing the acquisition of a property title. We assist our clients in the legal and financial structuring of real estate transactions and, when necessary, in the resolution of disputes. Our services include:

  • Structuring and due diligence of real estate acquisitions and disposals;
  • Change of land categorization and registration of such changes;
  • Tax structuring of real estate transactions;
  • Negotiation support and drafting investment and subcontracting agreements;
  • Advising on all stages in the construction of office, commercial, residential, warehouse, and industrial buildings, as well as their infrastructure.


 Recent Experience:

Our recent experience includes: 

  • Advising on the laws of the UAE in relation to the title to the real estate and rent relationships to the Russian investor 
  • Advising a French producer of agricultural commodities on the acquisition of 3 hectares of land in Ukraine. Drafting relevant documents and contracts;
  • Advising several foreign investors from the United Arab Emirates, Japan and South Korea on the acquisition of various land plots in Ukraine for the purpose of construction.


Corporate & commercial

We help our clients structure their presence in the UAE and Ukraine and guide them through every aspect of their formation and operation. Our services include:

  • Corporate formation, structuring, and regulatory compliance of the business in the UAE and Ukraine;
  • Due diligence;
  • Drafting and analyzing sale purchase agreements, shareholders' agreements and other related transactional documents;
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts;
  • Structuring of foreign direct investments, joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Advice on antimonopoly and banking regulations;
  • Procurement of licenses and permits, registration with state authorities;
  • Advice on intellectual property rights;
  • Advice on employment law.


Recent Experience:
Our recent experience includes:


  • Advising two Ukrainian companies specializing in the field of marketing in relation to their merger;
  • Advising on the liquidation of a Ukrainian joint stock company and the transfer of its assets to a newly created entity;
  • Advising the beneficial owners of various Ukrainian companies regarding the limitation of the powers and authorities of their directors;
  • Advising an Italian company in relation to the formation of a daughter company in Ukraine;
  • Advising a Russian company and preparing documentation including the Sale Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of share in a Ukrainian Limited Liability Company.



We help our clients understand the particular rules governing Ukraine’s banking system, and advise in relation to the financing of the projects. In particular, our services include:

  • Drafting loan agreements and collateral agreements between residents and non-residents of Ukraine;
  • Drafting security documents for protection of the Creditor`s rights in the transaction;
  • Registering loan agreements with the National Bank of Ukraine, when necessary;
  • Advising on Ukrainian foreign currency controls issues.


Recent experience:


  • Advising a Dutch company in relation to a loan to its Ukrainian daughter company and the registration of such loan with the NBU;
  • Drafting and negotiating pledge and mortgage agreements in order to secure a German creditor`s interests in the transaction;
  • Advising a German company in relation to the repayment of monies owed by a Ukrainian company by resorting to various Ukrainian financial instruments.

Dispute Resolution

Where possible, our team will try to prevent or solve amicably disputes. But for all the situations where conflict may not be avoided, you can count on the advocacy skills of our team members.


Our team has inside knowledge of the Ukrainian court system and can advise you and represent you within the framework of all commercial or administrative procedures.


Our lawyers are also among a handful in Ukraine with world-class experience of international dispute resolution proceedings. Our team can represent you in all stages of international arbitration proceedings. We have conducted, as lead counsel, arbitrations under the world’s major arbitration rules such as the rules of arbitration of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the UNCITRAL Rules, the LCIA Rules and ICSID rules.


We also advise on the provision of the most effective dispute resolution clauses in all your contracts.


Recent Experience:


  • Representing a Korean multinational company in an ICC arbitration over licensing rights;
  • Representing a United States based import-export company in relation to several multi-million dollar court proceedings before various courts in Ukraine;
  • Representing the government of Ukraine in an arbitration initiated pursuant to a Bilateral Investment Treaty.